Historic West Adams

Historic West Adams is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Los Angles with most of its structures built between 1880 and 1925. The neighborhood was named after Adams Boulevard and sits with mid-city to the north, Jefferson Park to the east, Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw to the south, and Palms to the west. Historic West Adams was developed by Henry E. Huntington and Hulett Merritt and was once the wealthiest district in Los Angeles and is home to one of the largest collections of historic homes west of the Mississippi … [Read more...]

Buy Your Next Property in Culver City

  Do you consider yourself more of a Westsider? If you are in the market to buy a home in Los Angeles and want to live on the Westside, Culver City is an up and coming neighborhood that you should consider buying your next property in.  What most Angelinos don't know is that Culver City is home to one of Los Angeles's best Arts Districts in the area. Littered with many art galleries and rare bookstores, the City has also created a program called Art in Public Places which was established to stimulate both … [Read more...]

Dale Rowse Assists the LGBT Community with Housing in Los Angeles

Dale Rowse, Top Real Estate Producer in Los Angeles, goes the extra mile to help find and sell homes for buyers and sellers in the LGBT community. Dale is staffed with an entirely gay real estate team and utilizes his business to be of service and a member of a variety of gay/gay-friendly organizations such as The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, The West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, The National Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals, and works as a mentor at Keller Williams … [Read more...]

Best Businesses in Los Angeles 2015!

Living a busy Los Angeles lifestyle, we all need a little extra help in our day to day lives! I wanted to share with you the best businesses in Los Angeles 2015 that all offer over-the-top professional service in getting your needs met. I use all of these businesses in my life and real estate company on a regular basis and can assure that they will take great care of you! This list should assist you in all of your House & Home needs, personal services, business services, insurance inquiries, legal services, … [Read more...]

Home Buying Tips

 Are you a first-time home buyer? If you’re getting ready to buy your first property or are preparing yourself to buy a second or third, the following statements will guide you in making the process easier. When armed with certain facts about your personal financial standing and details about the neighborhood and home you’re interested in buying, you will enter the market in a realistic fashion with a clear idea of what to look for on your home search.   Be sure to always ask your agent for comparable … [Read more...]

The “New” Credit Score

In 2005 when the real estate market was on fire, lenders were handing out sub-prime loans left and right to those who had a credit score in the mid-to-high 500's.  Everyone was doing it, but little did they know we would all pay for it later. Most lenders now require a minimum 640 credit score to qualify for an FHA loan. Those whose score is lower than 600 will have to come up with more money up front.  A credit score below 580 has more strict requirements in order to qualify. The borrower will now have to come … [Read more...]

Is now really a great time to buy?

You keep seeing the news about all the reasons why it's a great time to buy a home, but is it really?  Sure you have the historically low mortgage rates, stable home prices, and homes that are more affordable than they have been in year.  But is that enough? What about the tough requirements on getting the home loan?  It's getting even tougher now that Fannie Mae, one of the largest government sponsored backers of home loans, recently lowered their maximum loan-to-value ratio from 97% down to 90%.  This means … [Read more...]

Negotiating a home price

Ever wondered how some people are great at negotiating a deal for just about anything? You can be too, if you utilize a few helpful tips. First off, never go shopping when you're hungry.  You've heard this before, but still you get so caught up in the excitement of a potential new residence that it's hard to stay put.  Resist the urge and you will more than likely come across a bargain without even trying.  Secondly, know the value of what you're buying. Most sellers are willing to negotiate the price of the home. … [Read more...]

Appraisers. What exactly are they looking for?

When it comes to the appraisal of a home, sellers and real estate agents are an optimistic group.  But what exactly is the appraiser looking for? To start with, they look at the living space, specifically the amount of space with a front or rear view, as well as windowless space.  They also take a look at the condition, as well as practicality of non-living space, i.e. garage, attic, and even a storage area that can be converted into another bedroom. In fact, the general condition of the home itself, i.e. paint, … [Read more...]

FICO…Is it the only game in town?

If you are like everyone else in this country, you are constantly trying to improve your FICO score. But is it really the most important score when it comes to buying a home? The answer is "not necessarily."  The most important score is the score your lender uses. Not only are there 3 credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion), but now those credit bureaus have created their own scoring system, VantageScore. This new system competes with FICO, ranges from 501-990 and provides a letter grade, A thru F, of … [Read more...]