Buy Your Next Property in Culver City


Do you consider yourself more of a Westsider? If you are in the market to buy a home in Los Angeles and want to live on the Westside, Culver City is an up and coming neighborhood that you should consider buying your next property in.  What most Angelinos don’t know is that Culver City is home to one of Los Angeles’s best Arts Districts in the area. Littered with many art galleries and rare bookstores, the City has also created a program called Art in Public Places which was established to stimulate both artistic and economic growth in the city. Most commercial, industrial, public, and residential developments are required to meet an “art requirement” by either making a cash or artwork donation to the city helping beautify the neighborhoods. Culver city is also known for its culinary scene with its weekly Farmers Market on Tuesdays and its array of restaurants that can all be discovered on foot in Culvers Downtown Center. This area is also home to Sony Pictures Entertainment  which can be toured at the Studios on a weekly basis.

Culver City is a wonderful place to buy a starter single-family home or a condo in Fox Hills which is a neighborhood within Culver City. Fox Hills was annexed by Culver City in 1964 and is a triangular shaped neighborhood bounded by West Slauson Avenue to the North, the San Diego Freeway Southwest, and Canterbury Drive just Southeast. The Fox Hills neighborhood is home to Fox Hills Park, which is located at the intersection of Green Valley Circle and Buckingham Parkway. The ten-acre park is equipped with a basketball court, playground, restroom facilities, jogging trail, barbeques, soccer field, tennis court, and picnic areas. Though Fox-Hills is a condo-heavy neighborhood, many single-family homes can be found in Culver City as well. As you begin to think of where in Los Angeles you want to move next-consider Culver City! Dale Rowse and his team will help you find the perfect property within its limits!


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