Buying a new home. The down and dirty.

When buying a new home, you usually do so through a developer who built the homes… You walk in, they give you a nice tour and then look to see if you’d like to write a contract.

But as someone who has worked on the sales floor for developers… this is what you need to know.

  • Not all developers are the same, nor do they deliver the same level of finished product. What you’re seeing in most show homes on the tour are significant upgrades that are not included in what they actually deliver. Assume nothing and ask a lot of questions about what comes standard and what you’ll have to pay for.
  • Go for a lot in extras if you are going to sign a contract. The developer has ‘in their back pocket’ many upgrades and bonuses to get you to sign. If it were me… I’d walk in and ask what the starting price would be, then say I’ll take it for the base price BUT with everything shown in the models.
  • New home construction is generally (by law) better construction as the construction rules and regulations have gotten better, however, sometimes developers and construction workers are lazy. If you see poor craftsmanship anywhere on the site, let that be a red flag. I have heard of horror stories of buyers finding trash in their walls and other latent defects not visible to the naked eye.

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