West Hollywood

Dale Rowse sells West Hollywood

West Hollywood is considered by many to be the gay capital of the Greater Los Angeles area. Known for it's walkability, local bars, restaurants and shops, West Hollywood is one of the best neighborhoods for those who want to have everything right at their door.¬†According to Walkscore, a website … [Read More]

Hollywood Hills

Dale Rowse sells Hollywood Hills

The 'Hollywood Hills' is located north of the Sunset Strip and South of Mulholland Blvd. This part of Los Angeles is known for it's narrow winding streets, celebrity homes and incredible views. Homes in 'the Hills' as it's known to the locals average from $1,000,000 to several million and are home … [Read More]

Los Feliz

Dale Rowse sells Los Feliz

Los Feliz real estate is known for being more affordable than that of the Hollywood Hills and West Hollywood. This urban-chic community boasts many local based shops, farmers markets and indie type shops and vendors. Home in the area can be purchased for an average of $600,000, however many homes … [Read More]

Silver Lake

Silver Lake by Dale Rowse

Silver Lake is the prettier sister to neighbor Echo Park. Great deals can still be found in this part of Los Angeles and it is a bit hilly but mostly walkable. The community here is quite diverse and ecclectic and shares it's population of hipsters with Los Feliz. Silver Lake has a wide … [Read More]

Echo Park

Echo Park, California sold by Dale Rowse

Echo Park is a neighborhood just East of Silver Lake and is know for its affordable real estate. Many first time home buyers look here first as homes can still be purchased under $500,000. Echo Park can be somewhat hilly, however most of it is fairly walkable. Some notable sites about this … [Read More]

Culver City

Culver City, California Sold by Dale Rowse

Culver City is very walkable and good deals can still be found in this urban area. Currently Culver City boasts a population of almost 39,000 and is mostly surrounded by the city of L.A. but also serves as the gateway to the beach cities such as Venice.   Local landmarks St. … [Read More]