Home Buying Tips

 Are you a first-time home buyer? If you’re getting ready to buy your first property or are preparing yourself to buy a second or third, the following statements will guide you in making the process easier. When armed with certain facts about your personal financial standing and details about the neighborhood and home you’re interested in buying, you will enter the market in a realistic fashion with a clear idea of what to look for on your home search.


  1. Be sure to always ask your agent for comparable sales in the neighborhood to see how the home you want to purchase measures up against other recent closed transactions in the area! Keep in mind that the market is always changing!
  2. Find out if an inspection has been done on the home and if you can get a copy of it prior to making an offer. It is important to know exactly what you’re purchasing as some defects on properties cannot always be seen just by casually walking through them.

  3. Make sure your agent introduces you to a local title company that will provide you with a preliminary title report. This report will show you if the seller of the property is current on their mortgage payments and if there are any liens or judgements against the property. These facts are important to know as they can often make a transaction very difficult to process.

  4. Ask your agent to provide you with public records to make sure that the person selling the home is the actual owner of the property. This will help you avoid having to deal with renters who are trying to sell property that is not theirs to sell.

  5. Make sure to get pre-approved by a financial advisor before beginning your home search as this will deter you from becoming disappointed when you may feel like you have to settle for a “lesser” home because you can’t afford the homes or areas you have your heart set on.

If you’re ready to buy a property or have further questions regarding the above statements please call Dale Rowse directly to have a pleasant home-buying experience!

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